Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday AM

7:15 AM 41. The last of the financial district stragglers are going to
work which means a lot of suits, copies of the Wall Street Journal and
Tory Burch flats. Tory Burch flats displease me with their large gold
medallion that consumes the entire toe of the shoe. Suspiciously
absent are the girls with the out of control hand bag volume to body
size ratio. I am as guilty as anyone of carrying a purse that can hold
a small Zulu village but never more than one at any given time. Some
of the FiDi girls rocks 2 or 3 simultaneously.

This crowd differs from the standard 45 demographic who typically read
the San Francisco Examiner and includes a minimum of one person who
thinks we all want to listen to crappy house music via their
headphones. Fortunately the token tourist who has no idea where they
want to go is on the bus. The bus driver must either be new or on some
new pills cause she is both helpful and courteous telling everyone to
enjoy the weather. MUNI transfer time.

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