Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday AM

The iPhone isn't just a shiny toy for dad - its also an excellent chew
toy for junior! Dad, unprepared for removal of saliva from the usb
port, is trying to fashion his tie into an effective absorbing tool.
Schools around the area are back in session this week which means a
slight decline in the average age of the morning commuter as parents
take their kids to the first few days. This novelty wears off rather
quickly as the average age will return to its seasonal norm by

The bus is overflowing, its hot and none of the windows are open. I
would remedy this if I could reach over the cadre of 8 year olds whose
parents have lost interest in ensuring they get to school. Something
is consuming the air with the yeasty smell of a brewery and I cannot
identify which pink sack is the culprit.

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