Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday AM

Opting to take the 41 and transfer to MUNI to procure coffee on the
way to work from a place marginally more efficient than the Brick
House. There are seldom any outright crazy people on this bus but the
love child of Patick Bateman and Buffalo Bill is here today. Based on
his leather brief case he probably works in finance or law and he
wears a very well tailored suit and has a pointy nose and cold hard
grey eyes that seem to have no soul behind them. Fairly certain he is
looking for people with good skin to wear as a hat later based on the
way he eyeballs each matron that boards not with a look of lust and
desire but with a critical sizing eye.

The beauty of the 41, aside from its lack of routing through Chinatown
is that there is a constant turnover of people as the bus heads
through downtown. One woman is hunched over looking like she might
puke but really she is trying to have a private conversation on her
phone and she keeps looks around trying to assess if anyone is paying
attention. . One suggestion: if you want to talk on the phone and have
no one hear, the BUS during rush hour probably isn't the best place
for that call.

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