Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday PM

The guy standing next to me is either rainman or was recently abducted
by aliens and is trying to remember the quantum physics behind
traveling faster than the speed of light; and he''s'definitely not
rainman. The bus is rather crowded for 5 pm - shouldnt all these
people still be at work? traffic is at a crawl on stockton and the
shop keeps are hosing down their sidewallks.

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Monday AM

The beautiful summer in spring weekend ended as the fog horns breyed
to warn of the fog barreling into the city and the associated cold.
Though sunny the morning chills to the bone and thus no windows on the
bus have been opened. This is unfortunate as the bus smells like moth
balls and dough. The automated voice of the bus that announces stops,
thouhg not always the correct stops, and the DING of the stop
requested pull are not working so the bus driver announces each stop
and slows down casually only slamming the bus to a stop is he notices
people standing in anticipation.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday AM

After traveling on and off to scenic Las Vegas for a foreign investors
meeting in which i placed several small investments with a modest ROI,
i am back on my bus. Today is pleasingly mellow though heavy with the
wafting odor of fried dim sum items. The bus is full but no one seems
terribly interested in making a scene. This is an improvement over
yesterday when the nonsense babbling old lady in the peasant hat found
her way onto the bus. She has a tendency to yell at everything and
everyone, and also carry live animals in plastic bags which has
resulted in limited popularity with the bus drivers and other
passengers. Yesterday she was apparently upset with the sunshine as
she repeatedly looked up into it and enbarked on rambling and most
likely incoherent verbal assaults. The protection offered by her hat
seemed pretty comprehensive so i am not sure what the issue was.
Todays bus driver has a rather heavy foot on the brake which has
resulted in a domino line of toppling old people everytime we come to
a stop.

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